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Feb 10 2024 - Catchup Experience
Jan 08 2024 - Paypal packages adjustment
July 6 2024 - Changelog
July 5 2024 - Changelog
01 July 2024 (12:40) by Shaolin - Season 9 - Changelog

We are very happy to announce that  Blacktalon’s 9th season will be online in 

July 5th, 2024 - 6 PM UTC.


Some info about donation on seasonal server:

Especially this season, we will make a blue diamond drop which were obtained from season 8. The total amount will be only of 50% of the total received value

The points drop system will stay the same as in the previous season. Each drop being the 10% of the total value donated (with a minimum and maximum) such as the following table:


Blacktalon Points

Blue Diamond

Seasonal Points

3 Hours

Min: 1000 Max: 2500


3 Days

Min: 1000 Max: 2500


6 Days

Min: 1000 Max: 2500


9 Days

Min: 1500 Max: 4000


12 Days

Min: 1500 Max: 4000


15 Days

Min: 1500 Max: 4000



18 Days

Min: 2000 Max: 5000



21 Days

Min: 2000 Max: 5000



24 Days

Min: 2000 Max: 5000



27 Days

Min: 3000 Max: 8000



30 Days

All of the remaining points



Chaos Rift

Whenever you kill a normal creature, it will have a chance to spawn a portal to a Chaos Rift, that anyone can enter. Inside of the rift you will face the same creature, but with a chaos level of 10.

There will be a limit of 1000 creatures to kill inside the rift, after all creatures are killed or the time runs out, the players are kicked out and receive rewards depending on their contribution.

Dying inside will not be a permanent one, instead you will be kicked out and lose half of your contribution
If the portal is spawned in a PvP instance the rift will have PvP enabled inside (without frag gain). Killing a player inside a PvP instance will net you half of their contribution. You will receive +20% rewards in a PvP Rift

The rewards for the rifts will be a new resource which can be used to craft Mysterious Keys or Chaos Dimension Charms

You can check the current opens rifts in your Chaos Compass

Chaos Dimension

Chaos Dimensions is an arena in which you will face 3 waves of monsters and a boss. Completing it will reward you with plenty of items, such as: Equipment Bags, Relic Chests, Single Attribute Reroll Gems, Silver Raid Token and others.

To enter the Dimension a Charm is needed. The Charm can be crafted in the woodwork station using resources obtained from chaos rifts. They can be improved with Charm Modifiers, each one increasing the chaos level of creatures inside the dimension by 5 and giving a chaos modifier. There can only be up to 3 modifiers (15 chaos level) to a charm.

When crafting a charm, it will have a random mechanic from the following:

[Path of fire]: Enemies leave behind a trail of fire.

[Evil Obelisks]: Obelisks appear around the arena, causing damage.

[Death Enraged]: Enemies become enraged when an ally dies near them, gaining extra damage and healing.

[The Spawn]: Whenever an enemy dies, 3 copies of it spawn in its place.

Mysterious Chests

Quest, daily and continental bosses will now drop “Mysterious Chests”. Mysterious chests need corresponding mysterious keys, which can be crafted using chaos rift resources.

They contain various rewards such as:

Soul Fragments

Continental Shards

Gathering Resources

Relic Chest 

(the chest is according to the continent)

Roulette Token

Equipment Bag Token


(Highdesert Chests+)

Charm Modifier 

(Highdesert Chests+)

Silver Raid Token

Chaos Attribute

To add more value when getting a “rare” drop, we’ve added a new change to our equipment attribute system. Any piece of equipment can have lines of attributes to be “chaotic”, which will double the value of the affected attribute.
This can only occur when dropping equipment, upgrading rarity, getting them from a bag, quest and crafting. You can’t get chaotic attributes when doing a full reroll.

The chance and maximum lines depends of the source you get the equipment:

Orb/Normal Drops:

Chance: 8% per line

Maximum: 2 lines

Chaos Dimension:

Chance: 12% per line

Maximum: 3 lines


Chance: 15% per line

Maximum: 3 lines

Be careful!

Normal and special reroll gem will remove the chaos attribute!

Traits Rework

We felt that how the current trait system works was not ideal and diverse enough, often only 2 types of traits were being sought for (onslaught and siphon). 

So, to address that, the current changes will be done:

Reworked traits bonuses

 Limited amount of repeated traits you can have (depending of the trait)

 Traits will now have fixed values

Equipment will have a chance to appear with a trait, including a chance to get a trait when upgrading the rarity

When you break an equipment with a trait you will have a chance to getting a trait token for the specific trait

Possible Traits

[Haste]: +5% CDR To arena spells

[Boss Hunter]: +10% Damage dealt to Bosses, 10% damage reduction from Bosses

[Regeneration]: Heals 5% of your max HP/MP every 2 seconds

[Elite Hunter]: +40% Chance to spawn a legendary creature, +15% increased damage to elite creatures

[Wisdom]: +5% Spell Damage

[Heavy Armor]: +6% Armor Rating

[Orb Finder]: +30% Orb Chance, +200 speed

[Relic Expert]: +10% Relic Proc Chance

[Fast Caster]: -0.25s attack group cooldown, -25% attack speed cap

[Chaotic Fighter]: +15% Damage to Chaos Creatures

Proficiency Level Rework

The old proficiency system was too complicated and unsatisfactory, especially for new players, so we decided to simplify. There will be only one level to level up, without needing to unlock level caps, instead you will be able to buy attributes to improve your character by using proficiency points (gained every 20 levels) and proficiency stones

Guild Changes

The guild has always been a crucial element for the competition between players. Those who couldn't join a guild with full perks found it difficult to progress through the content. This season, we've decided to remove guild perks. However, to preserve the competitive spirit among guilds, we will maintain the guild level system.

To ensure that content progression remains balanced, we have moved the perks to areas of the content accessible to all players.

+5 HG charges:

Story line: 3

Promotion Quest: 1

Tower Arena: 1

+6 Dungeon Charges:

Story line: 3

Promotion Quest: 1

Tower Arena: 2

26% experience: 

Milestone (Daily Boss)

26% job experience [Removed]

26% healing [Removed]

26% damage [Removed]

30% elite [Removed]

60% loyalty faster gain [Removed]

We have also completely revamped the UI, making it more comprehensive and user-friendly.

- Removed the option to buy slots

- Changed the maximum number of players in the guild from 60 to 35 (does not increase with guild level)

Hunting Grounds & Dungeon Changes

General Changes:

  • Changed maximum HG and DG daily buys from Blue Diamond Store 2 => 1

  • Removed Dungeon Scrolls (Buffed rewards from dungeon to compensate)

  • Added Mainland's and Nefrah's Hunting Ground entrances to their respective dungeon rooms

  • Changed how the dungeon and hunting grounds charges are saved, they will be saved separately for “Timed” charges and “Extra” charges


  • Forgotten Dwarves:

    • Map changed

    • Kill task: 50 => 38

  • Lizards:

    • Kill task: 60 => 43

  • Sorcerers:

    • Kill task: 64 => 52

  • Tombs:

    • Kill task: 84 => 65

  • Hells Core:

    • Kill task: 100 => 70

  • Feral Beasts:

    • Kill task: 100 => 77

  • Darkfire Devourer:

    • Kill task: 100 => 80

  • Ogres:

    • Kill task: 100 => 79

  • Purple Haze:

    • Kill task: 106 => 82

  • Cave Chimera:

    • Kill task: 107 => 81

    • Normal creature damage reduced by 18%

    • Boss damage reduced by 14%

  • Mantosaurus:

    • Kill task: 104 => 81

  • Nightdweller:

    • Kill task: 100 => 82

Class Changes

General Change: Attack speed cap reduced from 5.0 to 3.0 to all vocations except thief and bard


  • Shattering Ice:

    • Reduced delay 3s => 1s

    • Increased Damage by 10%


  • Northern Rage:

    • Increased ticks 3 => 5

    • Greatly reduced delay between ticks

    • Reduced damage per tick by 25%~ 

    • * Total Damage increased by 25%

  • Dancing Axes:

    • Increased Damage by 20%


  • Increased all spell damage by 11%


  • Unmoving Bow node: Reduced Maximum stacks 5 => 4

Hall of fame

Starting this season (for next season), we will make some changes to the Hall of Fame. We will have the following categories (All categories will end in 60 days after season starts):

Top 5 level

Top 1 Vocation (Without using vocation change scroll)

Top 3 Milestone

Top 3 Bestiary

Top 3 Guilds

Top 3 King of The Hill Most Wins

 For individual categories, the top 1 players will receive a special package

 In the future we will be improving this system, with more categories and defined rewards, such as packages, titles and others


Blacktalon Point:

  • Added:

    • Penguin Backpack (capacity: 80, bonus elite: +30%): 150 BTP

    • Raccoon Backpack (capacity: 80, bonus elite: +30%): 150 BTP

Blue Diamond:

  • Added:

    • [Rare] four leaf amulet (Arm:9, siphon +2% - Item Might: 125): 1 bd

    • [Rare] arboreal ring (Arm:9, siphon +2% - Item Might: 125): 1 bd

    • 10x Equipment Bag Token: 1 bd 

  • Changed 

    • Maximum HG and DG daily buys: 2 => 1

Map Changes


  • changed the position of teleports in the level 150 area


  • Vampire Bride

    • changed the path that leads to the story line boss (Arthoix)

    • improved creature density 

  • Mutated bat

    • improved creature density 

  • Heroes

    • improved creature density 

  • Elder Wyrm

    • improved creature density 

  • Lizards (Eternal Guardian and Lizard Chosen)

    • improved creature density 

  • Undead Gladiator

    • improved creature density 



  • Mummy

    • increased the width of some corridors

    • improved creature density 

  • Crypt Shambler

    • improved creature density 

  • Demon Skeleton

    • increased the width of some corridors

    • improved creature density 

  • Rotworm Queen

    • improved creature density 

  • Scarab/Ancient Scarab

    • melhorado a densidade de criatura 

    • changed the look and structure

  • Drillworm

    • improved creature density

    • changed the look

  • Elder Beholder

    • improved creature density

    • changed the look and structure of the map

  • Choking Fear

    • improved creature density

  • Undead Dragon

    • improved creature density

High Desert


  • Hyaena

    • improved creature density

  • Sandstone Scorpion

    • improved creature density

  • Gryphon

    • improved creature density

  • Sphinx

    • improved creature density

    • changed the look and improved movement on the map

  • Demon Outcast

    • improved creature density

    • improved palm tree density

  • Frazzlemaw

    • improved creature density

  • Bloody slime, bloody raider and hemo rage

    • improved creature density

Dark Island


  • Rotten Golem

    • improved creature density

  • Blemished Spawn

    • improved creature density

    • increased the width of some corridors

  • Cloak of Terror

    • improved creature density

  • Branchy Crawler

    • improved creature density

    • improved movement on the map

  • Capricious Phantom

    • removed a door that led to an area with no creatures


  • moved the npc task to the area to the right of the dragonfly entrance

  • increasing the size of houses

  • moved the entrance to the dungeon "Zathroth Guardians" to a room on a lower floor but close to the old room


  • Dragonfly

    • improved creature density

  • Frost Troll

    • improved creature density

  • Frost Giantess

    • improved creature density

  • Crystal Wolf

    • improved creature density

  • Chakoyah

    • improved creature density

  • Crystal Spider

    • improved creature density

  • Barbarians

    • improved creature density

    • barbarians now are proficiency level 200

  • Ice Golem

    • improved creature density in the underground area

    • added a new floor in the underground area

  • Yeti

    • improved creature density

  • Ice Witch

    • improved creature density in last floor in the underground area

  • War Golem

    • improved creature density

  • Frost Dragon

    • improved creature density

  • Animated Feather

    • improved creature density

  • Icecold Book

    • improved creature density

    • added creatures in the south of the mountain

    • improved entrance to the frosty angel spawn

  • Frosty Angel

    • reworked the entire map (raid boss room included)

    • improved creature density

    • now you need to sacrifice an item to enter spawn



  • Infected Weeper

    • improved creature density

    • added new underground area

  • Bulltaur

    • improved creature density

  • Orb Weaver

    • improved creature density

    • improved access to the dungeon

  • Bison

    • improved creature density

  • Echo of Chagorz

    • improved creature density

  • Nightbane

    • improved creature density

    • added new underground area

  • Renegated Angel

    • improved creature density

    • added new underground area

    • changed the spawn entrance (removed from the top of the nightbane mountain)

Client Changes

  • Changed the look of combat and cosmetic icons

  • Crafting amount will now save the state of the last craft made

  • The preset order was not being shown correctly in the preset loadout menu

  • Fixed Normal shop search function

  • Changed name of the container "Purse” to “Store Inbox”

  • Char Info Dungeon & Hunting Ground: Now you can identify which charges are rechargeable over time and which come from other sources

  • Changed legendary creature's shader: black to yellow

  • Loot Channel (Ctrl + O):

    • Removed the loot messages from the center of the screen and made a display of the loot dropped from creatures

  • Read-only Tab

    • Right click on the open chat and select “Read-only Tab” to clone, the cloned chat will be on the right side of the console and will work in read only mode, meaning you can't type anything in it. You can drag the divider between regular chats and "reading chat" to adjust its size. To close it, do the following: right-click on the icon and choose the option or close the original chat tab.

Read-only Tab / Loot Channel

General Changes/Fixes/Additions

  • Added a new container (Loot Pouch) to the inventory that serves to store loot from creatures (normal and orbs)

  • Added Milestone Scroll in Seasonal/Loyalty shop

  • Added energy bomb rune on NPC Leonardo

  • Fixed the house tp scroll that did not ignore the infight condition even though it was in the protection zone

  • Changed effect from spell “Consumation”

  • To upgrade Equipment Bag now you will need Equipment Bag Token instead of blue diamond

  • Removed command !autoloot

  • Removed the NPC Sirik in Icescar and in his place, you can now find Merlin. Merlin can provide you with the "tome of knowledge", that grants the level 2500 spell 

  • Equipment Changes:

    • Brass Set: 

      • Sprite and name changed from brass to mercenary

      • Level requirement reduced from 100 to 75

    • Metal Set: 

      • Level requirement reduced from 250 to 200

    • Crown Set (Removed)

    • Aragorn Set:

      • Off-hands level requirement reduced from 900 to 700

      • Weapons level requirement reduced from 900 to 750

      • Equipment level requirement reduced from 900 to 800

    • Death Call Set (Removed)

    • Soul Set:

      • Level requirement reduced from 2200 to 2000

      • Reduced soul orb cost in crafting by half

    • Magic Plate Set:

      • Changed the dagger’s sprites

    • Iceforged Set:

      • Changed the sprites of some pieces in the set

      • Weapon now can be obtained from crafting

  • Crafting Changes:

    • Blacksmithing:

      • Added Mayhem weapons to Icescar Forge

    • Woodworking:

      • Added a new paper necessary for crafting the item that grants spell level 2500

      • Mysterious Chest Key

  • Quest changes:

    • The Sewer:

      • Level requirement reduced from 250 to 200

    • Demon Oak:

      • Changed equipment reward: Crown weapons => Aragorn off-hand

    • Ruins of Nuur:

      • Changed equipment reward: Crown equipments and off-hand => Aragorn weapons

      • Level requirement increased from 700 to 750

    • Draken Tower:

      • Changed equipment reward: Removed Aragorn weapons and off-hands

      • Level requirement reduced from 900 to 800

    • Crazed Elves:

      • Changed quest reward, removed flawless ice crystal and added Iceforged Equipment and off-hand

  • Relics:

    • Unified the “Continent” task and quest relic chests to a unique “Continent” Relic Chest

  • Milestone:

    • Normal Dungeons were grouped and separated by area (e.g Dungeons Mainland)

  • Bestiary:

    • Normal Creatures: 

      • Reduced the value of stage 1 by 40%, stage 2 by 40% and stage 3 by 30%

    • Dungeon Creatures/Boss:

      • Dungeon creatures and bosses’ bestiaries were evenly matched to be completed around the same time, which means that by completing the dungeon's creatures bestiary you would also have completed the bestiary for the boss of the same dungeon. 

      • Changed the elite bonus individual values ​​of each creature

      • Total elite bonus increased by 5%

      • Stage 3 kill requirement changes:

        • lost basher: -76%

        • lost berserker: -76%

        • lizard sentinel: -73.33%

        • lizard dragon priest: -66.67%

        • mad mage: -59.5%

        • energized raging mage: -59.5%

        • ancient mummy: -74.86%

        • gilded mummy: -74.1%

        • hells core warrior: -67.62%

        • hells core mage: -63.81%

        • clomp: -69.6%

        • boar: -67.2%

        • darkfire devourer: -66.65%

        • ogre rowdy: -60%

        • ogre sage: -59%

        • purple haze: -56%

        • cave chimera: +102.86%

        • mantosaurus: +131.62%

        • glooth horror: +347.3%

        • thundergiant: +194.86%

        • skullfrost: +194.86%

        • nightdweller: +347.3%

        • zathroth guardian: +194.86%

        • falcon knight: +17.78%

        • marin: +28.25%

        • shaper matriarch: +473.02%

        • werecrocodile: +500.63%

  • Waypoint:

    • Added instance option list to Dark Island Beach waypoint

    • Fixed Roshamuul beach waypoint not showing instance option list

20 June 2024 (12:39) by Shaolin - New season July 5th!

We are happy to announce the new season will start July 5, 2024 3:00 PM. We have a lot of changes this season, with improvement on a lot of places, we hope you will enjoy this season.
In the following weeks we will bring some teasers of the news for season 9 in the discord, channel ⁠teasers, so keep tunned!

Seasonal server closed: June 28, 2024 9:00 PM
Complete changelog: July 1, 2024 3:00 PM
Character creation enabled: July 1, 2024 3:00 PM
Season Start: July 5, 2024 3:00 PM

29 March 2024 (21:55) by Shaolin - Season 8 - Changelog

We are very happy to announce that  Blacktalon’s 8th season will be online in 

April 5th, 2024 - 6 PM UTC.


Some info about donation on seasonal server:

- The points drop system will stay the same as in the previous season. Each drop being the 10% of the total value donated (with a minimum and maximum) such as the following table:


Blacktalon Points

Seasonal Points

3 Hours

Min: 1000 Max: 2500


3 Days

Min: 1000 Max: 2500


6 Days

Min: 1000 Max: 2500


9 Days

Min: 1500 Max: 4000


12 Days

Min: 1500 Max: 4000


15 Days

Min: 1500 Max: 4000


18 Days

Min: 2000 Max: 5000


21 Days

Min: 2000 Max: 5000


24 Days

Min: 2000 Max: 5000


27 Days

Min: 3000 Max: 8000


30 Days

All of the remaining points


Rune Modifiers

After lots of requests, we have decided to add some improvement to the Arena Spells (support spell obtained at level 200 quest). Using a new slot of equipment, you can equip ‘Rune Modifiers’ which can vary in rarity (silver, golden and platinum). They will change some functionalities of the spells.

You can obtain them by using a blank rune (they come with a rarity) which can obtained through Daily Bosses, Legendary Monsters and Roulette (only silver)


Cooldown: reduced cooldown of arena spells

Silver: 10% ~ 18%;

Golden: 15% ~ 22%;

Platinum: 23% ~ 30%

Speed: speed burst after using the arena spell for 8 seconds

Silver:  Speed +100 to +200

Golden: Speed +200 to +300

Platinum: Speed +300 to +400

Mage (Translocation):

Mindbreaker: Does not change places, the target receives more damage from the mage for 8 seconds

Silver: +10% ~ +17%

Golden: +17% ~ +24%

Platinum: +24% ~ +31%

Ignite: After changing places, ignite near enemies, increasing damage taken from the mage for 8 seconds

Silver: +7% ~ +12% damage received

Golden: +12% ~ +17% damage received

Platinum: +17% ~ +22% damage received

Druid (Nature Liquor):

Ent's Blessing: Does not apply CCs, instead affects the druid and nearby allies giving them increased healing effects for 8 seconds

Silver: +10% ~ +15% healing received

Golden: +15% ~ +20% healing received

Platinum: +20% ~ +25% healing received

Beast's Fury: Does not apply CCs, instead the creatures will receive more damage from the druid for 8 seconds

Silver: +7% ~ 12% damage received

Golden: +12% ~ 17% damage received

Platinum: +17% ~ 22% damage received

Warrior (Impelling Force):

Enchained: Targets hit by ‘Impelling Force’ are enchained, not allowed to move for a certain duration

Silver: 0.5s ~ 1.0s

Golden: 1.0s ~ 1.5s

Platinum: 1.5s ~ 2.0s

Debilitating Chains: Targets hit by ‘Impelling Force’ are debilitated, dealing less damage for 8 seconds

Silver: -10% ~ -15%

Golden: -15% ~ -20%

Platinum: -20% ~ -25%

Thief (Stealth):

Prolonged Stealth: Increase stealth duration (base is 1.5 seconds)

Silver: +0.5s ~ 1.0s

Golden: +1.0s ~ 1.5s

Platinum: +1.5s ~ 2.0s

Smoke Bomb: throws a bomb, debuffing enemies so they take more damage from the thief for 8 seconds

Silver: +7% ~ +12% damage received

Golden: +12% ~ +17% damage received

Platinum: +17% ~ +22% damage received

Bowman (Decoy Dummy):

Archery Tower: The dummy does not pull aggro anymore, instead it debuffs nearby enemies, increasing damage taken from the bowman for 8 seconds

Silver: +7% ~ 12% damage received

Golden: +12% ~ 17% damage received

Platinum: +17% ~ 22% damage received

Reinforced Dummy: The dummy has increased health

Silver: +50%~+100% health

Golden: +100%~+150% health

Platinum: +150%~+250% health

Bard (Lullaby):

Dreadful Melody: Does apply sleep anymore, instead debuff enemies around, increasing their damage received from all sources for 8 seconds

Silver: +4%~8%

Golden: +8%~12%

Platinum: +12%~16%

Rest in Peace: Increase sleep duration (base is 2 seconds)

Silver: +0.5s~1.0s

Golden: +1.0s~1.5s

Platinum: +1.5s~2.0s

Proficiency Level QoL

We’ve heard your complaints about the proficiency system, so we have decided to add some very deserved changes:

- It’s now possible to unlock a level cap even if you haven’t reached it.

- If you gain experience in a slot that already has reached the cap, a new slot will automatically be selected to gain experience.

- If you gain experience without having any slot with level cap available, the experience will be saved into a bank which will be used when you unlock a new level cap or it will be used in the event of deaths (you first will lose experience in the bank before losing from the slots)

Attributes Reroll

For the new season, we added a new equipment rolling item, the Single Attribute Reroll. This item allows you to pick an undesirable attribute in your equipment and re-roll it, while also changing its numerical value. These will be obtainable from daily bosses, continent bosses, raid bosses, fishing bosses and roulette.

Tower Arena

Better late than never, a change that many players have asked for throughout the seasons: we have finally added the option to force spawn waves, available only as a premium account feature.

Use this wisely, as it can either help or harm you.

King of the Hill changes

We decided to make some changes to the event to make it more competitive and also rewarding

KOTH has been removed from the Event Schedule rotation and will now be run twice a day, at fixed times 11:00 and 23:00 UTC time

The winning guild, in addition to gaining the exp, elite and orb bonus, will also gain a random boost similar to the worldboost scroll.

We also did some changes for the KOTH mechanics:

Winning Condition

The event will now have a maximum duration of 50 minutes. The conditions to win the event will be one of the following:

- A single player securing the throne for 5 minutes uninterrupted 


- After time ends, the guild that spends the most time at the throne will win

Core Crystal

Every 90 seconds a ‘Core Crystal’ will spawn in a random location in the map and will last for 30 seconds. The guild that deals more damage during that time will receive a 35% bonus damage dealt and protection for 60 seconds. The crystal can be spawned in one of two marked areas in the image below:

Hunting Grounds & Dungeon Changes


  • Changed how experience is shared in a party inside dungeons. You will gain the same amount of experience whether doing it solo or in any party size

  • Increased experience gained in icescar and wasteland dungeons:

    • Skullfrost: Experience +17%

    • Nightdweller: Experience +41%

    • Zathroth Guardian: Experience +84%

    • Shaper: Experience +145%

    • Werecrocodile: Experience +174%

  • Changed the proficiency level required to enter the ‘Shapers’ dungeon from 600 to 700

Hunting Grounds:

  • Removed gold and rarity token entry cost

  • Changed the proficiency level required to enter ‘Rhindeer’ and ‘Haunted Skeleton’ hunting grounds from 600 and 600 to 700 and 900, respectively 

  • Balance changes:

    • Naga Warrior: 

      • Armor 750 ⇒ 900

      • Special Orb: +10% Rarity Tokens & +20% Crystal Coins

    • Rage Squid: 

      • Armor 1000 ⇒ 1300

      • Experience -24%

      • Special Orb: +16% Rarity Tokens & +25% Crystal Coins

    • Tundra Guardian: 

      • Armor 1250 ⇒ 1700 

      • Experience -31%

      • Special Orb: +7% Rarity Tokens & +20% Crystal Coins

    • Rhindeer: 

      • Armor 1250 ⇒ 1900 

      • Experience -9%

      • Special Orb: +7% Rarity Tokens & +21% Crystal Coins

    • Haunted Skeleton: 

      • Armor 1250 ⇒ 2200 

      • Experience +5%

      • Special Orb: +7% Rarity Tokens & +21% Crystal Coins


  • Now the continent access bosses Cthulhu and Azrael and bosses that are easy to access count towards the "quest bosses" milestone

    • Mainland Anihilator: Stoned Devourer (cooldown 10 hours)

    • Mainland Arena: The Obliverator (cooldown 10 hours)

    • Nefrah: Demon Oak (cooldown 20 hours)

    • Highdesert Anihilator: Ass Ripper (cooldown 20 hours)

    • Icescar Boss Challenge: Frigus (cooldown 20 hours)

Values changes on seasonal server

  • Quest Chest and Boss:

    • Mainland:

      • grade 4: 65 ⇒ 40

    • Nefrah:

      • grade 4: 65 ⇒ 45

    • Wasteland:

      • grade 4: 20 ⇒ 15

  • Collected Nodes:

    • Master of None:

      • grade 3: 10000 ⇒ 5000

      • grade 4: 25000 ⇒ 10000

      • grade 5: 60000 ⇒ 20000

  • Hunting Ground:

    • Highdesert

      • grade 4: 12500 ⇒ 9000

    • Icescar

      • grade 4: 22000 ⇒ 15000

    • Wasteland

      • grade 4: 22000 ⇒ 16000

  • Events - Top 3

    • Firestorm, Dream of Gold, Snake and Zombie:

      • grade 2: 3 ⇒ 2

      • grade 3: 5 ⇒ 3

      • grade 4: 10 ⇒ 5

  • Events - Participation

    • Firestorm, Dream of Gold, Snake and Zombie:

      • grade 1: 5 ⇒ 1

      • grade 2: 20 ⇒ 5

      • grade 3: 45 ⇒ 10

      • grade 4: 75 ⇒ 15

Relic Changes

  • Attack speed:

    • Witch Hat: 7% ⇒ 3%

    • Bunnyslippers: 10% ⇒ 5%

    • Anduril: 30% ⇒ 15%

    • Claw of the Noxious Spawn: 15% ⇒ 7%

    • Trashed Draken Boots: 25% ⇒ 12%

    • Cluster of Solace: 20% ⇒ 10%

    • Crawler’s Essence: 30% ⇒ 15%

    • Brainstealer Brain: 15% ⇒ 8%

    • Swan Feather: 35% ⇒ 17%

    • Isfaril Hood: 25% ⇒ 15%

    • Silver and a Golden Hand: 35% ⇒ 17%

Class Changes


  • Meteor:

    • Increased damage by 13%

  • Dying Inferno:

    • Increased damage by 8%


  • Dancing Axes:

    • Reworked spell, damage will be spread in all of the area simultaneously

Client Changes

Relic preset changes:

  • Moved from the bot menu to the preset loadout panel

Boss Cooldown panel:

  • Added a new category: Raid bosses (by pressing the map icon located next to the boss's name, a circle will appear on your minimap indicating where the boss's entrance is)

  • Added the “Display” button that hides the creature's sprite

Preset loadout panel:

  • You can now minimize different categories from the preset loadout by clicking the triangles at the right of the window. It is also possible to have a quick access to the respective system by clicking the icon by the left of the category name.

Minimap changes:

  • Now you can add an icon by pressing ctrl+right mouse button through game window (button “Create Map Mark”)

  • Added 3 new minimap icons (stone, tree and flower)

Container Search:

  • Backpack, purse and depot now have a search function. Click on the search icon, indicated by the letter "S" to reveal the text field. Type in what you wish to search (not case sensitive, can be incomplete entries) and press the "Search" button. All items containing the term you typed will appear.

It is now possible to close module windows using the Escape key

General Changes/Fixes/Additions

  • Slightly reduced the drop of upgrader crystals from strange creatures

  • Fixed the quest reward (outfit) on mutated human spawn

  • Retching Horror annihilator: reduced minimum players from 2 to 1.

  • Beholder amulet and ring now can be smelted

  • Now you can destroy items that are "untradeable" (ctrl + mouse right button)

  • Changed the task reward between bison and echo of chagorz

  • Continent bosses: Now dying inside the boss arena will teleport you to the closest waypoint instead

  • Fixed an issue where the chaos mobs weren’t gaining the proper amount of bonus damage

  • Story Line NPC dialogue is no longer bound to your chat. You can now pick and choose options to advance NPC actions and/or dialogue through its own window.

  • Changed the name of giant hammer to pickaxe

  • Added Pickaxe to level 25 reward

  • Removed Tower Ticket from dungeon shop (reversed)

  • Changed the upgrade crystal tiers from present boxes of:

    • Icescar: t4 t5

    • Wasteland: t5 t6

  • Yalahari Outfit Quest:

    • Yalahari door access no longer required you to pull a lever after placing the needed fiery hearts onto the basins. Now just by placing the required fiery hearts in the basins will grant you access. (note: only works in normal instance)

    • Enraged Azerus spawning time: 5m 3m

    • Time to redo the quest after the boss dies: 10m 5m

  • Fishing:

    • Removed the first two fishing rods

    • Added a relic that increases the fishing area (can be obtained through roulette and fishing bosses)

  • Map Changes:

    • Added more creatures to some mainland hunting areas

    • Moved Mainland quests teleport entrance from Creatures area to the temple

    • Moved the hall of fame teleport to Mainland’s temple north exit

  • Roulette:

    • Added single attribute reroll gem

    • Added silver blank rune

    • Added proficiency stone

27 December 2023 (18:30) by Shaolin - Season 7 - Changelog

We are very happy to announce that  Blacktalon’s 7th season will be online in 

January 5th, 2024 - 6 PM UTC.


Some info about donation on seasonal server:

- The points drop system will stay the same as in the previous season. Each drop being the 10% of the total value donated (with a minimum and maximum) such as the following table:


After exploring the icy contents of icescar, it's time to explore a mysterious new continent!


You can now pump your hunting numbers up by using our Prey system, similarly to RL Tibia. The Prey system are bonuses related to the monster's stats. 

You can roll for a randomly selected group of monsters and select one of them as your prey. 

It will then roll for a specific bonus applicable to that monster alone, for example: Increased experience; Increased loot; Increased damage dealt and other bonuses. 

If you didn't like the monster choices you got, you can reroll them with prey cards. Same applies to the bonus type and several other prey related functions.

And it is also possible to choose another creature while keeping the current bonus active

Prey cards can be obtained through the daily reward, store and blue diamond shop


We now have presets for other highly requested features other than the skill tree: Spell Improvement and Soul Imbuing. The way they work is quite similar to the skill tree one, you must purchase a preset slot in order to use it and then save the desired configuration. Upon clicking the preset you will automatically change into it in a matter of seconds.


A very anticipated feature is now officially developed and coming to season 7: buy offers on marketplace! 

All you have to do is to select the desired item, soul scroll or relic to purchase and also determine which attributes or tier that the item should have select the amount and currency you're paying and done! You created a buy offer.

Daily Reward

A reward system that many players had been asking for we decided to add it this season.

Completely free, just log in and collect it!

The rewards always follow a order, resetting every time you complete 7 days

Note: remember that the items are for your own use!

Relic Fusion Quality of Life

For this new season we added a few quality of life changes. You can now select relics from your backpack in a window that will only contain relics. After selecting the desired relic, the subsequent relic slots will have the option to quicky select the same relic that you put in the first slot. 

Reagents do not have that function, since using the same reagent will hinder your chance of success, but we did add a little inventory for reagents only that will pop up upon clicking the arrow inside the reagent slots. This inventory will scan from your backpack and will only contain reagents.

Revamp of some hunting areas


Class Changes


New Skill Tree node (Spiritual Wrath) - Previously "Exposed Wounds"

Mark of the Beast:

Every Time you kill a creature you gain 1 stack (max 10) of Mark of the Beast for 10s: 1.5% critical chance and 2% critical damage

Mark of the Guardian:

Every time you block an attack, you gain 1 stack (max 10) of Mark of the Guardian for 10s: 1.5% armor rating

Mark of the Ent:

Every time you heal a ally, the ally gain the Mark of the Ent: Heals 5% of health/mana per sec for 5s (not stackable)


Reduced secondary weapon damage by 25%

Quick Blades:

Reduced damage to 40% (same as diamond ammo of archer)


Reduced secondary weapon damage by 25%


Diamond Ammo:

Damage reduced 65% -> 40%

New Skill Tree node (Unmoving Bow) - Previously “Inaccurate Agility”

Every second the archer stays still, weapon damage is increased by 2% (max 50 stacks). The damage bonus will reset if the archer moves.

Relic Changes

Critical Damage:

  • Nightmare horn: 7% -> 5%

  • Sight of surrenders eye: 8% -> 6%

  • Poor soul head: 10% -> 7%

  • Bjorn's axe: 13% -> 9%

  • War crystal: 15% -> 10%

  • Alptrahmun brush 12% -> 11%


  • raven herb: 2% -> 3%

  • shimmer ball: 2% -> 4%

  • medusa shield: 3% -> 5%

  • morgaroth's heart: 3% -> 6%

  • soul stone: 3% -> 6%

  • golden scorpion pendant: 4% -> 8%

  • jaul’s pearl: 5% -> 9%

  • mouse doll: 6% -> 10%

  • celestial chart: 6% -> 12%

  • rainbow opal: 7% -> 12%

  • the crown of the percht queen: 5% -> 10%

  • blue spectacles: 4% -> 8%

Client Changes

  • Now, to save for a preset name you must click in the square so you can enter its name, opening a separate window. The, write the name you wish and click confirm;

  • Chaos level may now be adjusted accordingly in their respective system interfaces;

  • Added gold balance to the relic fusion interface.

General Changes/Fixes/Additions

  • Added new items upon reaching:

> level 100: 1st soul unlocker
> level 700: 1x 2nd soul unlocker

> level 1350: 1x 3rd soul unlocker

> level 2000: 1x 4th soul unlocker

  • Added a waypoint to the Frosty Angel spawn;

  • Added sex change to the store;

  • Squeezing Gear of Girlpower will now work for fishing.

  • Tutorial system disabled

01 October 2023 (02:12) by Shaolin - Halloween is here!

Halloween arrived on BlackTalon and some new functionalities came with it! For starters, there will be a chance that a rare or above elite creature, instead of having a normal appearance, will have a pumpkin monster appearance! Upon slaying this pumpkin monster you will be rewarded with Halloween Points and also help on the global count to spawn Stingy Jack, a world wide Halloween boss.

The player can obtain, on a daily basis, a maximum of 500 halloween points, with the possibility of doubling this maximum cap to 1000 upon using the Scary Scroll, that can be obtained through spending halloween tokens (more about that later). This scroll lasts for a total of 7 days and, aside raising the maximum cap of points you can obtain, it will also double the amount of points you get upon slaying the rare and above pumpkin elite monster!

We also added a new special orb (Halloween Orb), that can grant you with Candies and Bars of Chocolate. 

Upon using those, you will be rewarded with Halloween Points, which are NOT part of your daily cap! The auto-orb system will NOT work for this special orb. There's also a command: !halloween, that is used to check your points and the current progress until Stingy Jack's arrival.

Halloween Points are the main currency of this event that you can exchange for special Halloween cosmetics, so grind out!

Halloween Promotion:
● During the event we will be giving Halloween Tokens in all packages. They can be traded to stuffs such as:
 ↳ Blue diamond
 ↳ Scary Scroll
 ↳ Halloween Chocolates/Candies

The promotion is already running and the event ingame will start at server save!

The event will last until 31rd of Octobe