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  27 Aug 2022 - Character Creation Available!

Character creation is now available!

Reclaim your old characters names!
Want your old character names back? For a limited time during launch, your previous character names have been reserved.
(reserved names will last until 2 weeks after launch)

posted by Shaolin

  16 Aug 2022 - Season 3 release date!

 I'm here to announce the launch date of season 3 and some announcements:

Blacktalon season 3 will release on 02-September at 19:00 UTC

Test Server

1. First of all we would like to thanks everyone who helped us at the open beta, we received a lot of feedback and bug reports that we really appreciate. This helped us collect data to improve the server.
2. The Test Server will close on 26th of august

New Season

1. As some of you have noticed in the test server, we had made some significant changes and added new systems, which hopefully will make the gameplay more enjoyable. (The list with all the changes from previous season will be posted a few days before the launch).
2. We learnt about past mistakes and we will not make big changes to core system mid-season unless absolutely necessary.


1. As announced already, we will be giving back every point donated through season 1 and 2, because problems in previous season we will also be giving back blue diamonds, the points drop scheduled were already announced
2. Starting now, we will have points package that include diverse items such:
- Blue diamonds
- Continental Shards (They can be used in place of fragments to summon continental bosses and each used increase the boss drop chance by 0.07%)
- Worldboost Scroll
- Seasonal Cosmetics: chest that contain seasonal cosmetics
- VIP Chests: Chest with items such as T1/T2 upgraders, spell crystals and even mainland task/quest relic box
3. Preseason Promotion:
- +10% points
- For all package you will receive DOUBLE vip chests and DOUBLE continental shards
- For 100$, 150$, 200$ and 300$ packages you will receive +50% tower tickets
- This will last until the launch time!

posted by Shaolin

  28 Jul 2022 - Season 3 Open Beta

The 3rd season of blacktalon is near. You can already create your character and tomorrow we will start the open test server!! The official launch date is yet to be determined but expect it in 1 to 2 weeks (this depends on how the test server goes).
Due to the unexpected issues of the 2nd season we have decided that you will be given back 100% of the blue diamonds that you acquired through donations at the previous season as according to the following schedule:

posted by Shaolin

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