Guild: Immortal Disorder

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Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
the LeaderAvaji1310Rogue Offline
Daddy ( Big Papa)1747Barbarian Offline
Ellie2300Archdruid Offline
Fruwak2500Wizard Offline
Jack Meoff1326Archdruid Offline
Ownage1593Wizard Offline
Unknown Myth1853Archdruid Offline
a Vice-LeaderBomberman1668Rogue Offline
Brorshan ( )1749Archdruid Offline
Fieryion2500Wizard Online
Haukzy ( Kanaito Damage)2145Barbarian Offline
Kung Mudde ( King)2500Barbarian Offline
Vchunkyhe2500Wizard Online
Vickyzerah2448Wizard Online
Xalda2037Wizard Offline
a MemberAbelone (None)1365Wizard Offline
Aids2399Wizard Online
Ambulancia895Wizard Online
Awas1642Archer Online
Banan2100Barbarian Online
Bealdeath667Bowman Offline
Blanco1803Rogue Online
Bold1736Archer Online
Cachorro Vinagre2087Archdruid Offline
Danielzin1101Archdruid Offline
Delfinek2067Archer Online
Delve2500Wizard Offline
Deztry1866Archdruid Offline
Dom2249Archer Online
Doodlez ( Big D)2118Wizard Online
Dooke905Archer Online
Drux1791Wizard Offline
Elegant2500Archdruid Offline
Elsobaco Peludo833Barbarian Offline
Emiinem1519Barbarian Offline
Enzerah ( )1672Archer Offline
Espumant1905Wizard Offline
Falasca1620Archdruid Offline
Fellaplush2040Archer Online
Fish1326Barbarian Offline
Fran Sniiper2279Archer Online
Fubuki2301Archdruid Offline
Gallo Loko2276Barbarian Online
George1008Archer Offline
Guy1940Archdruid Offline
Isla2339Archdruid Online
Jesperina ( firosss)1783Barbarian Offline
Khatsuki1921Rogue Offline
Kim Il Sung1910Wizard Offline
Kramunhao1709Rogue Offline
Leia1688Archdruid Online
Maroo1788Archer Online
Mc Ninja1357Rogue Offline
Merolas1665Barbarian Online
Meth Addict1516Wizard Online
Midcaster1718Wizard Offline
Miojo976Archdruid Online
Nerf You1308Archdruid Offline
Nier1783Wizard Offline
Nieznany1203Barbarian Offline
Papi Lindo1092Wizard Online
Paypal King2013Wizard Online
Pineapple Kush2271Barbarian Offline
Pizza1786Archdruid Offline
Prostituerad1437Archdruid Offline
Raenax1532Wizard Online
Requiem1759Rogue Online
Rokudo1255Archdruid Online
Rpg Content1707Barbarian Offline
Ruberg1773Barbarian Online
Sailas956Wizard Offline
Saybatpoh1439Rogue Online
Selifaotia1825Barbarian Offline
Shocker707Mage Offline
Soul Lowe2011Archdruid Online
Tankarah1540Barbarian Offline
Tempest1350Barbarian Offline
Tompa Ed ( )2233Wizard Offline
Tompa Ek1365Barbarian Offline
Tompa Rps1572Archer Offline
Toska1179Wizard Offline
Trettio Slak1573Barbarian Offline
Void Wizard1496Wizard Offline
Webtar1729Barbarian Offline
Wholer1980Barbarian Online
Xenaxe1516Wizard Offline
Yoo1441Archer Offline

For accepting or inviting new players please use the guild system ingame. For more information access the WIKI

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